Tracy Scott is a graduate of the BA(Hons) Silversmithing & Jewellery Programme at The Glasgow School of Art, 2020

My interests in the traditional crafts skills of silversmithing has influenced my decision to seek the transformation of vessels, predominantly  domestic items. I considered various utilitarian objects in my initial research exploring shadows and was intrigued to find that I could use this method to alter and reimagine forms to create aesthetically appealing works.  I take great satisfaction in working with metal, researching ways of combining such traditional silversmithing techniques with modern technology.  My intention is to create pieces that are inspired and enhanced by technology, and that appear to create a juxtaposition with traditionally crafted forms, but which show, in fact, how these modern techniques and materials contribute to an evolution of form, shape and structure of vessels.   In researching changing forms and technology I used parametric design, which has greatly influenced my design decisions.  Small alterations to the parameters of vessels shown in this collection produce differing forms with similar styles.  This process allows me to make visible communication between two elements of my designs; the traditional and technologically enhanced.


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